She plays, we win

SportsThis is the title of a photography project by Christin Rose. In it she photographs, beautifully, teenage and pre-teen girls who are competitive sports players.

In a set of 10 photos shown on the ESPN site, the average age is not quite 13 years. But the words these girls have spoken about how their sport makes them feel, come from a confidence that is much more mature. Read the rest of this entry »

The reasoning for the seasoning

Why salt is good for the heart

saltI went to a funeral in the weekend, a very sad one. My cousin’s daughter, in her mid 30s and mum to three young boys, had lost her long battle with cancer. The service, held outdoors in the strong Spring sunshine and within earshot of the lapping tide, was part farewell and part celebration. The celebration of a life lived with salt. Read the rest of this entry »

How to grab your starfish

Let go so you can receive

I’ll admit this is someone else’s wisdom. It’s not even new, but it is so good I want to share it with you. Perhaps you will find it as challenging and thought-provoking as I did.

Rob Bell of Nooma fame in his ‘Shells’ DVD talks about a simple seaside outing with his children that proved insightful. His kids were busy collecting shells. Bell says it was actually more like ‘shell shrapnel’ – broken bits and pieces of no special aesthetic worth. However collecting them was keeping the boys occupied. Read the rest of this entry »

Move or bust

What is the fear that keeps you trapped?

Freelance writer Carol Tice describes how, in a bid to break out of a quiet library, she loudly announced she was a claustrophobe. You see, another woman was blocking the exit door, and Carol’s fear of being shut in was spiking.

In her words: “I tried my usual tactics for avoiding a claustrophobic panic. I looked somewhere else. I took deep breaths. Finally, I covered my eyes with my hands to block out the sight of the blockade standing between me and freedom. I stayed that way a long time… I looked again, and she was still there. It was time to act. I couldn’t stay where I was anymore.” Read the rest of this entry »

“Expectation makes all the difference”

Are you one of the 97%?

What did New Zealand’s most famous aviatrix have pinned to her bassinet as a baby? According to Lucas Remmerswaal, Jean Batten’s mother clipped an article about the Wright brothers’ pioneer flight and fixed it above her baby’s bed.

Remmerswaal,  a former investment advisor in Whangarei, relates this story because it illustrates his belief that “expectation makes all the difference”. His own expectations are not small. He believes that if every child had six to 12 businesses before the age of 18, we wouldn’t have any youth unemployment because students would leave school wanting to be entrepreneurs. Read the rest of this entry »

From dreams to reality

Are you moving towards your dreams?

Yesterday it was my privilege to meet Eve (aka Eventful Woman). This time next week she will be on her way to a month as ‘writer-in-residence’ in a charming olde worlde German wine-growing town. This has been a desire of hers for two or three years, and it was interesting hearing her tell how she progressed from dream to reality. It’s a journey with learnings for all of us. Read the rest of this entry »