She plays, we win

SportsThis is the title of a photography project by Christin Rose. In it she photographs, beautifully, teenage and pre-teen girls who are competitive sports players.

In a set of 10 photos shown on the ESPN site, the average age is not quite 13 years. But the words these girls have spoken about how their sport makes them feel, come from a confidence that is much more mature. Read the rest of this entry »

What can I learn from this?

Learning is funMatt Nippert, writing for the NZ Herald about Kiwi business prodigy, Jamie Beaton, quotes Jamie’s mum, Paula: “Sometimes I wonder if I actually gave birth to him; there’s times I see him as a mother, and other times I’m just in disbelief.”

Jamie Beaton is currently studying at Harvard University, and is head of his own education-related company, now valued on paper at US$60 million. He also moonlights for Tiger Management. He is only 20 years old.  Read the rest of this entry »